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HIGH RES 100 ft road at chattarpur.jpg

100 ft road at Chattarpur, New Delhi






Format: Scroll


Size: 10 scrolls measuring

10.7 x 120 inches each

(roughly 1ft x 10 ft each)


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Private Collection


The work began during the time I was preparing for a residency that was supposed to take place in the same area that is 100 ft road at Chattarpur, New Delhi.


A a part of the preparation, I went to the road and went on clicking n number of photographs while exploring the road on feet.

As I came back, I started drawing the references first with pencil colour ( white) and later tracing those the lines with a ‘liner’ (1)  loaded with white acrylic colour as a practice in skill. The work gives an illusion of a single line drawing whereas it has layers and layers of corrections and over drawings hidden beneath the black paint (painted with roller). The moment I was convinced I faired it out with white acrylic.I went on drawing (while looking at the original images on the laptop). 

My main aim was to create a work revolving around the idea of 100 feet. 

10 scrolls measuring approx 10 ft each,  in total when photographically placed together with one next to the other, come to 100 feet in all.


(1) a liner is a graphic art tool (some people refer to it as a classic graphic art tool) the great thing about these dip pens/ liner tool is that they are cheap and are available easily. They don’t rust quickly, bent beyond repair or split if treated right. Another great thing about these is that one can create lines of varied thickness simply by opening or tightening the screw.  the liners hold more colour as compared to the traditional fine coquille nibs.



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