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Art Heritage brings to its gallery space in New Delhi and online through its Artsy portal, the works of talented emerging artists Aditi Aggarwal, Habiba Nowrose, Pallav Chander, Rajesh Deb, Sukanya Ghosh and Sweety Joshi, whose works seek to capture the intensity of urban life and insight into contemporary sensibilities. Each artist in this exhibition uses a different medium that includes digital and analogue photography, collage, assemblage, artist books and bricolarge, where a work of art is constructed out of found scraps of material. Through a diversity of mediums, the artists in this show are able to convey a particular experience or theme - cutting and pasting analogue, silver gelatin print photographs or photolithographs, Sukanya Ghosh and Aditi Aggarwal juxtapose past histories to create new narratives for re-examination or suggest the reality of living in different time zones, simultaneously. . . . . . . . . . . Taken together, Mixed Media Musings provide an opportunity for art lovers, patrons and collectors to engage with works that not only explore experimental boundaries using different mediums but cover a range of themes from the historical to societal and personal. Mixed Media Musings opens at the start of the inaugural edition of Delhi Art Week, (ZONE - 1)  a new, independent and inclusive initiative that aims to bring together private and public art institutions to raise awareness, educate and focus attention on modern and contemporary art in New Delhi, India between April 3-10, 2021.

Display Images


Display images of the final presentation/closing show of Indo European Residency project Kolkata 2019

I.E.R.P.K. 2019  at Experimenter - Hindustan Road, Kolkata

Solo Show : ‘Recent works’  

Curated by Amal Allana, Text by Prof. (Dr.) Nuzhat Kazmi,

Art Heritage II, New Delhi. 2016

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