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Familiar Objects at an Unfamiliar Place

Size: Variable  |  (each sheet measuring A5)

Set of 57 drawings

Medium: Ink and Acrylic on Gateway and Transparency Sheets

Place of creation: Hyderabad, India


The work came with a realization that the ordinary objects around which we move and live every day deserve more attention, care as they contribute to our “humanness”. This exercise made me more sensitive and I started to see more than usual, reminding me of the ‘values’ of these objects rather than the price.

The work was inspired by my experience of living alone at a new place as a part of a residency.

Detail of the Drawings  |   Size: A5

Display Images

Display at Kalakriti Art Gallery 

Year: 2015

Plot 8, 2-465/1, Rd Number 4, Green Valley,

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 

Telangana; India

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