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Series: Multitudes & Mindscapes

2011 - 2016

The works are about the sheer enjoyment of paint and the process in which it can be channelised

to create harmonies of colour, rhythm and expression. 

The intention was to explore and express the idea of repetition, beauty, automatism and spontaneity. The objective is to create a sense of pattern in the non-pattern and movement in the works, through exploring the physical surface, improvising the image and exploring the pictorial possibilities.

I use repetition as a mode to freeze or condense time and space and also as a means to re-live the same moment.

To me, this “re-living” via repetitions, creates an “emotional time warp” that attempts to transfers emotional past and psychological needs into the present..

The series started in 2011 are scribbles and squiggles that attempt to map thought process and are left abstract, open to interpretation.

The works focus on exploring the process of creating art, rather than the final product itself.

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Multitude: 6

48 x 60 inches

Acrylic on Canvas 

2012- 2013

Multitude: 7

Enamel, Acrylic and Ink

on Pieces of SunMica Sheets Stuck on Wooden Board  size: 4 x 4.5 ft

2013- 2014

Multitude: 2 

Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 48 inches


adti aggarwal
WORK 15 Specimen 1.jpg

Multitude: 3 

Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 48 inches 


Multitude: 4 

Mix Media on Board 

53 x 68 inches 


WORK 12 Multitude 3 leap of a frog.jpg

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To me, art is expressive only when there is complete absorption in the subject and creates an experience of the union of the past and the present.

In a subjective way repetition in that sense is an expression that clarifies turbulent emotions.

My works are about playing with layers in a painting. While exploring the “Layering Process” I have also experimented with works in a book format, in which layers are depicted by the “Pages”. While painting, within these layers, I come across many different stages where the multitude of visuals appear and diminish subsequently. The works are devoid of any preconceived notion or deliberation.

While painting, I sometimes de-structure the image into several layers to see the possibilities in juxtapositions and separations. .

To me, it is very necessary that the visual should be unified.

Harmony, unity and rhythm in an image is something that I strive for...

Sometimes predictable but more often unknown; My works are intuitive.

The course of painting itself gives birth to forms and thereafter dictating dimensional spaces, bringing the surface alive with movement and life. I aim at creating visuals resonating with energy; evolve as a personal mapping of my working process.

I enjoy and rediscover myself while painting.


Display of works

“On the Threshold of Time-3”, Curated by Amal Allana

at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi  |  2013

Multitude: 5 

48 x 60 inches

Acrylic on Canvas 

2012- 2013

WORK 14 multitude 2 ( cosmos).jpg
coa final year display

An image from the

Final Year Display 

MFA IInd Year

Year: 2013

MFA Studio, College of Art, New Delhi

Private Collection

Private Collection

Private Collection

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