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Notations/Observations at 17L,

Dover Terrace

Medium: Acrylic

(White Acrylic Ink on 140gsm Acid-Free Paper, Pasted on

250 Gsm Black Fabriano, Layered with Acrylic Sheet.)

Size with Frame: 21.4 X 29.3 Inches. (Each) Top: Glass Frame

(There are Six Works in the Series.)


... the work is layered, and it sits well with who I am. It is like a conversation and an inner argument depicting vulnerability. In a sense, there is tension in the approach, as well as a possibility of play.... 

During the early days of working at Studio 21, Ballygunge, my encounters with domestic plants reminded me of plants seen at home.

Making these leaves made me comfortable in a new space/environment. I started drawing in my A4 size black paper sketchbook with a pencil before fairing it out with white acrylic. This process kept on growing and led to the creation of this work. I repeated the drawings on Acrylic sheets, and while placing them, I shifted the layers a bit. The acrylic on the acrylic sheet made the visual reflectiveThe process of creation opened up new possibilities to explore spontaneous pattern generation. These domestic plants made me treasure remembranceDrawing them made me feel at peace, away from everything that was going on around me. For me, the act of repeating is like trying to capture the echo of sounds that resonate.

- January 2020

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